The time to sell your car is approaching, although you’re not really prepared yet. You’ve come to the conclusion that now is the ideal moment to truly begin caring for your present car in order to easily claim it has been adequately taken care of when the time comes to take it to a car buyer.

There is a tonne of pages on the internet that explain how to keep your car in good functioning order. So, in order to obtain the greatest and most economical advice, we did the study for you.

Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance will not only allow you to see concerns before they become more serious ones but will also guarantee that your car continues to run smoothly and dependably. The engine and mechanical parts of the car will last longer as a result, and its roadworthiness will be retained.

To find out how frequently your car has to be serviced, consult your manual or talk to your mechanic. Older vehicles typically require maintenance every 10,000 kilometers or six months.

All cars should typically get an engine oil change, an engine oil filter replacement, and a safety check at every service whereas older vehicles should receive an oil and filter change with each service.
Even if it’s a cost now, having a record of your services can help you get a better deal when it comes time to sell your car to a car buyer than a vehicle without a log book history and with a buzzing, faulty engine.

Driving Methods

Regular maintenance helps keep your car running smoothly, and by using cautious driving habits, you may extend the life of your gasoline tank while also reducing the strain on your vehicle. The following tips are advised:

  • Drive carefully, and don’t accelerate more forcefully than necessary.
  • By reducing how frequently and rapidly you accelerate and decelerate, you can avoid consuming more fuel than is necessary.
  • Use cruise control if you have one whenever you can.
  • When driving, try to keep the windows up as much as possible since the aerodynamic drag of the car increases over 50 km/h when the windows are down.
  • Before applying any weight, give your vehicle ample time (30–45 seconds) to grease all of its essential components.
  • Regularly inspect your tyres since cracks, even little ones, can reduce strength and rigidity and impair functionality.

Therefore, even though maintaining your car on a regular basis may seem expensive and time-consuming, doing so can help you save money on daily operating costs and leave you with more money in your pocket when it comes time to sell your car to car buyers.

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